DJ Consultation

Be PUMPED UP for them! Act like they are the only ones getting married on that date. Make them feel special and be authentic with them.
Find out there story. Was it a surprise? Find out more info here as well … how long they’ve been dating, what their first date was like, etc. Touch on any similarities/commonalities you have with them. We need to make them feel valued and heard right away.
We ask this question because every single wedding that we are a part of is different. Not just because each couple is different, but because each guest make-up is different as well. If your guests are prone to dancing earlier on in the evening, this means we can explore some deeper cuts and throwbacks earlier on in the evening. If your guests need a few drinks before they get on the dance floor, we’ll still play awesome songs, but we’ll hold a some in our back pocket for when people feel confident enough to get out the dance floor!
We ask this question to give clients the opportunity to speak more so we can extract additional information from their remarks. Hit on every point that they say (similar to above).
Are they super laid-back? Elegant? Somewhere in the middle? “You’ve chosen your venue and are maybe starting to get a vision for the day. What does this perfect day look like for you?” Anything that they say, make sure to touch on and compliment accordingly – while also describing ways that Impulse Entertainment can make these vision a reality!
Have they experienced a really good/bad wedding/DJ? Why was this experience good or bad for them? Make sure to touch on all of their points with a solution that Impulse Entertainment does!
Some clients will say that their music preferences are conducive to weddings. On the contrary! Just because they like songs/bands that people don’t know or are hard to dance to doesn’t mean we can’ play them! Let them know that we can customize their cocktail hour and dinner playlists so they are still able to hear the songs they want without sacrificing songs that won’t pack the dance floor.
There is a study out there that say humans identify with music between the ages of 10, 11, 12 and 18, 19, 20. Music during this period in your life is what you would consider those classic throwbacks – so we definitely want to make sure that we play some of these for you and your guests and friends!
Ask them if they are interested in any add-ons and briefly talk about the ones that they are interested in. Depending on how the meeting is going, you can always tell them that there are discounts on these add-ons as well.
Do they need our preferred vendor list? Did you promise them any discounts? Do we need to follow up with a venue or vendor before we can give accurate pricing? Put this information here!

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