Chicago Wedding Ceremony Services

It all starts here. Let’s make sure it happens the way you want it.

“They went above and beyond to ensure that my wedding ceremony was stress free and seamless.”

“We would have never made it through the ceremony without them! They were incredible flexible, calm, and helped keep things moving along, even though we were running late.”

“They helped with our ceremony music and even coordinated it so I (the bride) could make my entrance at the exact moment of the song I wanted.”

Here’s what is always included:

Crisp, Clear Audio

1-2 audio speakers so even the last row can hear everything


Up to 2 wireless microphones for your officiant and a reader/singer

Audio Technician

We’ll be onsite to run the sound and ensure everything goes according to plan


At least 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music so your guests don’t sit and wait in silence

Your music

All of your ceremony music customized down to the second


Up to 15 minutes of upbeat, post-ceremony music to keep the good vibes going!

How much is it?

starts at $495


starts at $695


Are you having live musicians, need more microphones, or want something else?
Contact us at 708.381.0304 via phone or text, or send us an email to get additional pricing based on your needs!

Does This Sound Like The Wedding Experience You Want?

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