Do you notice our awesome social media posts and online presence? We have FM to thank for that! Born and raised in Downtown Chicago, FM (FrancesMary) graduated from DePaul University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She immediately entered the marketing world to explore her passion for social media, events, and communication through digital platforms.

In 2017, Nick Vera was the DJ for her prom. Impulse Entertainment was so memorable that night, that in 2021, FM & her husband reached back out to have Nick DJ their wedding. (and Susan Vera was the photo booth attendant!) FM knew that Impulse Entertainment was special and wanted everyone else to know that too!

When FM is not working, she enjoys spending time at the racetrack with her husband, Graham and getting her nails done.

FM’s Favorite Music Genre: 2000s Pop

FM’s Favorite Artist: Drake